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Our technology


Surge.IO is a parallel computing model specifically designed to meet the complex challenges and unpredictable demand of unstructured data processing. This guarantees exceptional speed, performance, and accuracy on a large volume of data sets. The proprietary compute engine is the answer to high-performance in-machine parallel processing.


DataDNA takes samples of any data type and identifies their structural genealogy, and using the knowledge gained from sampling, it clusters the files based on structural similarity. This obtains the topology of the files and separates them into data family types.


DataHelix is our unstructured data decoder engine that unravels the structure of the data and puts it into a readable format. It takes a group of files, pinpoints the data contained in them, and transcribes it into structured key-value pairs. This can be performed for a massive amount of data, allowing the information inside to be easily found in an organized place.


Helixir trains the computer to identify document types and extract key data. After identifying the document type, it dynamically populates a form to validate and continue learning patterns in the context of the document. Once a correction is made, it uses artificial intelligence to take that information and learn from its mistakes to prevent the same mistakes being made again. Over time it is able to run completely autonomously with better and faster results than humanly possible.


A time-series based key-value pair data store designed to understand context and behavior, React takes structured and unstructured data and combines it into a user friendly model using all of our machine learning tools. Our team of data scientists and geologists use their extensive knowledge of their fields together with machine learning to custom design models within our well file reference model architecture.


Our enterprise search engine, Strata is a sophisticated data analysis platform built for both speed and power. If you are trying to get the most value from large, disparate sets of information -- both structured and unstructured -- Strata is the answer.


Big data strategies need to be user-centric so that insight can easily be consumed. Our repository is an intuitively crafted collaborative workspace repository designed to allow people to interact with data more easily. This easy to work with interface allows the user to instantly take action and become productive. Repository is delivered as a cloud based HTML5 application accessible from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.