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What do you want to build?

If you enjoy a challenge, can't sleep until you've solved the problem, burn the midnight candle, and are passionate about solving problems, we may be the place for you. We're not aiming for average, we want to push the limits to reach maximum potential and build solutions for all the biggest challenges still needing to be solved.

Join a leader with vision

We're a leader in one of the most dynamic and evolving industries in the world. For more than 10 years, we've helped set — and raise — the bar on content management and discovery. We're taking our innovative vision and expertise to a whole new level, to help clients take advantage of all their data, big or small. We get insights that used to be too complex to extract.

Join a fast growing company

Sfile is a leading online collaboration platform for content management designed to support electronic discovery and document review. We serve partners and customers around the globe in a wide range of industries: legal, health, government, educational, manufacturing and utilities, computer forensics, accounting, and more.

Real growth opportunities

At Sfile, you'll be encouraged to leverage your talent and follow your interests. To stay ahead of business trends, challenge yourself with a growing, changing organization for a greater opportunity to make an impact.