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We enable computers to do what they do best so that experts can do what they do best

Our Purpose

Inspired by technology's role in advancing economies, our founder set out on a quest with a premise that our greatest economic and social challenges will be solved by enabling technology.

Sfile was founded with a purpose to meet such challenges through the creation of technologies that enable the advancements of people, industries, and societies.

Today our products enable teams of experts to accelerate the comprehension of difficult problems through data and drive them to do incredible things.

We love the hardest challenge, we are passionate about technology, and our data science and engineering teams are the best in the business.

We operate with absolute privacy and trust, but you may have read about the challenges we've successfully met in the headlines of the news.

What We Do

Sfile is leading the way for Oil and Gas E&P companies to uncover new production through our big data products. We are breaking new ground and disrupting the way Oil and Gas production has typically operated. Striving to help companies realize their full potential through data research, we give them the ability to take an overwhelming amount of trapped data and turn it into their greatest assets.

Our team of innovators and developers are designing the next big thing by engineering systems designed specifically to meet the challenge presented by unstructured big data. Using this data, we help give visuals of what is happening and show what is needed to maximize production and minimize costs.

Where We're Going

We are a new breed of scientists using data as a way to find solutions to some of society's greatest challenges through machine learning, visualization, modeling, story-telling, statistics, and programming. We're delving deeper into the data and building interactive models that provide a clear picture of the exploration and production process.

We welcome challenges openly, using innovative technology and processes to solve problems.

Imagine being able to make adjustments on a well and instantaneously have the information communicated to everyone while receiving new projections for what production will be -- all in real time. We are helping mobilize this technology so people in the field are able to see what is happening and, based on past performances, what is going to happen next. We are looking to advance the machine platform to where it can identify problems before they grow into major headaches.