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Reinventing Exploration & Production

The Sfile Daily Drilling & Completion Report Processing Service

Industry research has shown there is an abundance of opportunity for Oil and Gas companies to maximize profits by improving productivity, increasing recovery rates, and engineering costs out of the system. The key lies in better data analysis. Extensive research from Bain & Company, MIT, Oil Pro, and McKinsey agrees that in order to tap into these new big data opportunities, the longstanding mindset of "that's how we've always done it..." does not cut it anymore in this industry.

In today’s challenging environment, having accurate insights regarding your wells and those of your competitors can help make or break the economics of oil and gas projects. The Sfile Daily Drilling & Completion Report Processing Service gives your company the competitive advantage you need to be successful by lowering costs, increasing efficiency, decreasing risks, and providing greater certainty.

More powerful decision-making

Imagine how powerful an exploration and production (E&P) company’s decision-making could be if it had the ability to efficiently extract well file data, operating and non-operating alike. The Sfile Virtual Wellfiles Repository gives E&P companies the ability to do just that. This technology enables E&P companies, along with their finance partners, to gather valuable data and insights without spending valuable time manually searching and reading drilling and completion reports.

Efficient analysis of internal & external well files

Using Sfile to efficiently collect and sort this data, E&P companies can track their own data as well as competitor data. Sfile's technology allows E&P companies to see whether a competitor in the same geography is having similar results. Operators can then make any adjustments needed to optimize production based on these comparative metrics. This technology can also be further leveraged to optimize drilling and completion operations. The user chooses the look and feel of the report, which can range from pure data to a narrative format. These demonstrate how various methods and components affect the overall performance of the wells.

Translate fragmented information into organized data

Well data is normally recorded in fractured and divergent language from a variety of sources. While the jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations may be understood in each micro-environment where it is used, getting a good grasp and a clear understanding of the overall environment can be labor intensive and overwhelming. Using proprietary technology, Sfile Discovery for Well Files standardizes the language used to communicate the results of drilling and completion reports. The technology uses important reporting data, e.g. frack components, or other internal and external reports to generate a refined final report. This refined report shows exactly which wells were drilled and completed, and in what manner.

Virtual Well File Database

Our Virtual Wellfile Database can search across the entire repository for all files related to a desired well or set of wells. It finds documents, files, emails, databases, etc. related to a well and puts them all into one place for easy accessibility. It can filter based on different data criteria and automatically classify document types together. The ability to find all the instances of the file and show all file paths of these instances helps save time sorting through and figuring out if files are duplicates. It can show the location of the file and can display it in the application itself. This provides a fast automated method to finding and sorting files for a desired well.

How does Sfile process so much information so quickly?

The Sfile High Performance Computing Platform utilizes multiple processors in parallel on the data, which cuts the data processing time down from days to hours or even minutes. Sfile offers Big Data, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions via its private cloud-based high performance computing platform. It utilizes the tools developed over the last decade for the E-Discovery market, where over 80% of certified computer forensics examiners use Sfile solutions to meet their investigative needs. Sfile provides a robust advantage in meeting the challenges faced in the changing landscape of the oil and gas market today.

What makes us the best?

The key factor that sets Sfile apart is that all the data in the files (forms and free form narrative) are instantly searchable and filterable within minutes rather than days or weeks, and this data is reportable for what you ask, even if the original format is not standardized. In other words, the Sfile product allows operators and investors to make apple to apple comparisons to help inform and understand day-to-day operating decisions.